To produce a fine cut gemstone, One has to start with high quality rough material. Even the best cutting cannot produce a beautiful gem from mediocre rough.

We source high quality precious and semi precious rough from mines all over the world, from Africa to North & South America to Asia. Through decades of experience, our experts make sure that we are constantly able to supply the best possible material available.

We understand that identifying and examining gemstone rough can be very challenging task. It takes years of experience to be able to predict the Color and Clarity of the finished stone by examining the rough. We aim to make this task a bit easier by providing well selected and assortment of Rough.

Gems Stone

The process of cutting and polishing gemstones is known as lapidary. It is a difficult and tedious process, since gemstone materials tend to be exceptionally hard to evaluate. Gemstones can also be quite valuable, working with expensive material that can be easily damaged is stressful as well, since small mistakes can destroy the whole look and feel of the stone.

Our expert cutters have a considerable experience in cutting fine gems, through years of experience in cutting and polishing our cutters are able to grind down some of the world's hardest substances into geometrically precise prisms and shape the stones to reflect light back as brilliance and to polish its surfaces into mirrors that dazzle, Our gem cutters are concerned with both economics and aesthetics. Since gem-quality material tends to be rare and valuable, we try to preserve as much of the rough stone as possible while keeping the cutting as best as possible.



Beads are the perfect way to add natural beauty to any of your designs. Our gemstones are fashioned into beads in a variety of shapes that will have you inspired to create again and again. Each beautiful bead is its own work of art that will look fantastic in your designs. We carry a wide range of semi-precious stones of various types and in multiple forms. Some of the stone shapes we feature are single beads, both smooth and faceted, bead strands. We carefully handpick our stones to maintain the best quality stones, in order to bring our customers an excellent selection at an affordable price.