At Cosmos, ’Cut' is considered to be the most important characteristic of a gemstone as it determines a it’s brilliance. A fine cut gemstone with perfectly symmetrical and aligned facets will maximise a gemstone’s signature sparkle.


Colour is the most critical factor affecting the price of any gemstone variety at a given size. The more alluring the colour, more is the beauty and value of the gemstone....

Pink morganite

Red garnet stone



Orange sapphire

Golden Citrine


Yellow beryl

Green amethyst



Green tourmaline

Sky-blue topaz

Swiss blue topaz


London blue topaz

Blue sapphire



African amethyst

Brazilian amethyst

Pink tourmaline

Pink amethyst


Clarity refers to the absence of imperfections or inclusions that occur naturally within a gemstone. All gemstones deemed to have these internal inclusions and surface blemishes unless the gemstone is graded 'flawless'.While processing a gemstone our expert team ensures that internal imperfections are reduced to a minimum extent to make it flawless. Flawless gems are extremely rare and very expensive.


Carat refers to a gemstone’s weight, which influences the price of a gemstones more than any other of the 4 C’s. Differences between per carat prices and sizes vary with each specific gemstone. Due to the rarity of large gemstones, the higher the carat weight, the higher the price per carat will be. Cosmos Group has a wide variety of gemstones ranging from a fraction of carat to numerous carats.


At Cosmos Group, we follow a code of conduct when interacting both within the company and with customers and the community. We’ve laid our foundation on six pillars of character that includes trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.


Cosmos Group is a mine-to-market company. With our mines and technologically equipped processing units, our expert team ensures to eliminate all the extra costs and eventually making it possible to deliver superior quality gemstones at highly competitive prices to our customers.


Cosmos Group is committed to produce and timely deliver the gemstones & jewellery that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations thereby building a forever bond of loyalty and trust.

Customer first

Cosmos Group starts with ‘Customers First’ and then work backwards. At Cosmos, we revolutionise our practices constantly in accordance with the customer’s demands and expectations and target building long term relationships with our customers.